George Ade Memorial Health Care

Thank You for Your Donation


Support high quality, nonprofit healthcare


We are committed to making high quality, long-term care accessible to everyone. As such, we regularly charge our private pay residents less than they would pay at a for-profit facility.


The cost of healthcare continues to increase at a rate well in excess of other costs. Government reimbursement programs, especially Medicaid, often do not reimburse us adequately for the services we render. Charitable donations can bridge the gap between what the government dictates as adequate and what we hope to deliver in the form of compassionate care for the benefit of all our residents.


Your Gifts Make a Difference in Peoples Lives Every Day


We seek donations for the benefit of all our residents, especially those most in need 100% of each donation will be used directly in our nursing facility and will be used to directly impact the lives of our residents and resident family's.


See Your Impact


Your Donations Change People's Lives


A Patio Where Residents and Families Relax


The patio allows our residents to get out in the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful flower gardens planted by family members, and sunbathe if they choose. The patio is completely enclosed to ensure resident safety while allowing them freedom to venture out. The patio area was recently enhanced by the donation of a shade covering by the Molter family.




Aviary that Brings Joy to Residents and Visitors


An aviary is located adjacent to our main dining area.  It has brought countless hours of joy and entertainment to our residents, staff, families and visitors. The birds must be happy too, as they have produced seven new baby birds.


Patio furniture for Residents to Enjoy


Beautiful and long lasting patio furniture was donated so that our residents and families can comfortably enjoy our outdoor areas.


Mobile Blood pressure monitoring


A family donated a mobile unit for monitoring vital signs to enhance the efficiency of resident care.


Blanket Warmer


A blanket warmer was donated by the porter family.  Many residents enjoy the extra touch of a cozy warm blanket.


An original Letter By George Ade Himself


The Bahler family donated a letter written by George Ade himself complimenting another Newton County resident on a book publishing.